A la carte menu

All main courses are served with steamed rice and can be changed to garlic fried rice for kr 45


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Crispy Duck

132. Cripsy Duck 368,- (350g.) 香酥鴨
Make your own rolls with crispy duck fillet, vegetables, Chinese pancakes and house hoisin sauce.

Allergens: flour, soy

133. Mixed Grill … 348,- 雜錦燒烤
– Skewers of honey-glazed chicken/beef/king prawns 鷄牛蝦串
– Herb-marinated lamb fillet 香草羊肉
– Char Siu (pork) 叉燒
– Marinated vegetables 烤時蔬
– Fried rice with garlic 蒜蓉炒飯
Served with house satay sauce 🌶️ and chili-plum dip 🌶️
Allergens: flour, shellfish, peanut, soy

137. Exotic Tasting Experience
Starter: Laab salmon 泰式三文魚刺身
Crispy duck with hoisin sauce and pan cakes香酥鴨
– Beef tenderloin in Chili-honey-BBQ sauce 京汁牛里脊絲 🌶️
– Wok-fried monkfish in Sichuan sauce 四川醤炒鮟鱇魚 🌶️🌶️
– Kung Pao Prawn 宮保蝦球 🌶️🌶️
Dessert: Chocolate fondant with ice-cream 心太軟蛋糕

Price per person, min. 2 persons 每位價錢 / 兩位起
5 courses (choice of 3 mains): 498,- 五道菜(自選3個主菜)
6 courses: 598,- 六道菜
Allergens: flour, shellfish, egg, fish, peanut, soy, lactose, sesame


1. Dim Sum for One 128,- 一人點心
Steamed Ha Gao (shrimp dumpling) and Siu Mai (dumpling with chicken and shrimp). Chili soy sauce 🌶️
Allergens: flour, milk, shellfish, peanut, soy

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Dim Sum for To

2. Dim Sum for Two 218,- 二人點心
Steamed Ha Gao (shrimp dumpling) and Siu Mai (dumpling with chicken and shrimp). Chili soy sauce 🌶️
Deep-fried spring roll and wonton.
Sweet chili-fish sauce 🌶️
Allergens: flour, milk, shellfish, peanut, soy

3. Laab Pla Salmon 138,- 泰式三文魚刺身 🌶️
Salmon sashimi with herbs in spicy and appetizing thai sauce.
En populær oppskrift fra nordøst Thailand.
Allergens: fish


Prawn cracker 45,- 虾片

Edamame 50,- 🌶️ 🌶️ 辣毛豆
Spicy young soy beans à la Sichuan


24/25. Slow-cooked Beef 170,- small/ 290,- large
慢煮牛肉及時蔬, 配黑椒汁或四川汁
Marinated and slow-cooked. The meat is tender, juicy and just lovely.
Served with wok vegetables, Cantonese pepper sauce 🌶️ or Sichuan sauce 🌶️🌶️
Allergens: soy

56. Teppan Surf & Turf 398,- 鐵板牛柳及大蝦配辣烤汁 
Grilled beef tenderloin and king prawn served on sizzling hot iron plate.
House grill sauce 🌶️🌶️
Allergens: shellfish, soy

35/36. Crispy Pork Fillet in Sweet and Sour Sauce 168,- small/268,- large
Crunchy and juicy. An all-time favorite and Cantonese classic you’ll love!
Allergens: flour, egg

29/30. Deep-fried Chicken 168,- small/ 268,- large
Served with salad and sweet and sour sauce
炸鷄柳,配沙拉, 甜酸汁
Allergens: flour


Seafood sabo

50. Sichuan Seafood Sabo … 368,- 四川海鮮鍋  🌶️🌶️
Wild king prawns, monkfish, mussels and kamskjell
stir-fried in sichuan hot sauce, served in a hot ceramic casserole.
四川醤炒海蝦、 鮟鱇魚、青口及帶子
Allergens: shellfish, fish, soy

Kung Pao Prawn

51. Kung Pao Prawn 288,- 宮保蝦球 🌶️🌶️
King prawns stir-fried in spicy and aromatic kung pao sauce. Served with peanuts. This is probably one of the most popular dish in the Sichuan kitchen.
Allergens: shellfish

101. XO Monkfish 318,- 港式 XO醤炒鮟鱇魚及帶子 🌶️
Monkfish fillet, king prawn and scallop stir-fried with seafood-based XO sauce.
Authentic Hong Kong style.
Allergens: shellfish, fish


79. Wok Vegetables with Cashew Nuts 218,- 炒雜菜腰果
Choice of sauce: oysters sauce | curry sauce | peppersaus
可選: 耗油汁 | 黃咖喱 🌶️ | 黑椒汁 🌶️
Allergens: soy, nuts


81. Deep-fried chicken fillet with sweet’ n sour sauce and french fries … 98,-
Allergens: flour

82. Sausage and french fries … 88- 香腸薯條
Allergens: flour

84. Ice-cream 1 scoop … 45,- 2 scoops … 75,- 3 scoops … 105,-


91. Deep-fried Banana with Ice-cream … 120,- 炸香蕉配雪糕
Allergens: flour, egg, lactose

94. Chocolate Fondant 135,- 巧克力流心蛋糕配雪糕
Hot and intense with a meltingly soft centre
Served with vanilla ice-cream and blackberry sauce
Allergens: flour, egg, lactose

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